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As many of you have read throughout the forums, Grab LLC purchased the assets from Demand Media in December.  We thought it was important to give our users some updates on the changes we are making and our progress so far.

First off, we have migrated from the data center owned by Demand Media to our own a few weeks ago.  The process was very difficult and we recognize many of you experienced issues with the site.  Some of which we have fixed, some of which we have not.  We have stabilized the site, but wanted to give a heads up to be patient with us as issues may arise still.

There are also some features that we simply cannot fix.  For example, the chat servers that have to be rebooted twice a day.  Unfortunately they were built years ago in a compiled language and none of the old development team is currently employed with Grab LLC.  For that matter, the entire development team is new as of April and working on creating a new version of

Here are a few new things we’re releasing today:

Grab Corporate Blog:
This is where you can find all future announcements by Grab –

User Forums
This will be replacing the old Grab forums. Currently you need to register to post to the forums -

User Blogs
This will eventually replace the old Grab Blogs –

Games:  We have quite a few in development, as well as updates to the existing games so they work better with your computers.  More information will be released about beta’s as soon as they’re ready.  Also all of the current games will be copied over to the new site when it becomes available.

Chat:  The new version will include spam filters and a much more stable code base so the overall chat experience should be greatly improved.  This is in development now, we expect to roll it out after we launch the beta version of the new site.

Logins and existing user information:  This part is pretty tricky.  We have millions of accounts on now and moving all of them to the new is a daunting task — especially since features are being released early.  Once our authentication system is built for the new, we will begin reviewing options for migrating data from old

We know this is a lot of information and leaves a lot of questions – We will try to post more information here soon, as well as offer some sneak peeks to our VIP users.

Support Forum:
Support Contact:

  • Betty

    It is nice to finally have some place to be able to find out what is going on. Thank you.

  • venus

    i would just like to know if grab will ever have our tourneys back again,we REALLY miss them,venus

  • Hurtman1994

    I think this will be very helpful to us grab members. But I am also with venus, will we ever get the tournaments back. I think that is what made grab so fun. “If grab does not have tournaments its just another game site.”

  • Tathra

    Thank you Grab for this info. I have made so many wonderful friends since joining and would hate to loose contact with them so this is wonderful news. I can still blog and comment after a fashion and I`m just so glad that this particular section of Grab will continue. I also loved the tourneys and the daily trivia and would love these to continue but understand we don`t always get what we want. Have fun sorting out the problems which I hope are just small and then we can get back to normal.

  • Dan

    I'd like to fix the tournaments – but we're currently missing some of the scripts needed to queue them up. Will post more on the new forums if we get it resolved.

  • Hurtman1994

    About how much longer do you think?

  • YaHootie

    One question I have is does all this mean we have to join facebook or twitter to play the games, have a profile, and have tourneys?

  • venus1937

    i sure miss tourneys and all my friends,we are all waiting till we can all be together again

  • sweetadybug

    Like Tathra, I am pleased that the blog section will continue….and hopefully,will remain as colorful, original, and individual, meaning each profile can be different, as is now the case,and have artistic freedom of each personality of the individual blogger….The fear I have,after going to the blog area that's shown on the forum page…is colorless, boring, depressing and not inspiration at all…The old Grab is filled with personalities…..artistic content…..colorful….cheerful…and appetizing…welcoming….I don't see these features in the blog section shown on the forum page….thank you

  • venus1937

    i still cannot connect my grab account

  • Cat_Napper52

    So does this mean that someone who created an account with you on May 2nd has lost her account, photos the whole deal? And should she decide to join again (which I somehow doubt) will she be told that her username and addy is already registered and she must choose another? We know its registered because we'lve already checked but still she can not access her account. Another thing we're wondering about is why do you bother saving accounts that no one is using (they've been disabled and locked) why not just get rid of them, would save a ltrouble in the long run. And trhen there is VIP. My membership was a gift. I feel you owe it to us to allow us tomake up for the 2 months we've been unable to benefit from those as you call them privilages or else reimburse the money. Just wondering but I would appreciate a response to all of this.

  • Dan

    Yes the tournaments will be back – the code is being rewritten.

  • Dan

    I don't have a good date for that yet

  • Dan

    If you haven't already – email

    If you're trying to get onto the new forums, you should be registering, not trying to login with your old credentials

  • Dan

    Nope, you will be able to sign in with a account on the new site as well.

  • Dan

    You will probably need to email from the account you're having trouble with. If you're talking about old, email support. If you're talking about new forums -> there is an email confirmation before you can start posting things.

    As for deleting, disabling, or locking accounts — we don't do that unless someone is abusing the chat server….which abuses itself enough for everyone.

  • kindrlmg

    this is probably a silly question and maybe I'm confused but I have to ask, as of right now I'm still going to logging in and playing games, although I can't play tournaments and I realize you're working on that one. My question is is the site we go to play our grab games going to change? Also is the format of our games going to change? Just trying to make sure out hate to log on one day and you guys not be here :-)

  • Dan

    There will be a beta of the new site before anything goes away. Instead of holding everything back and getting feature complete, we're releasing things as they're available.

    Games – there will be new social games in a slightly different format. The current games will also be available. Many of them need to be updated to run well with current flash players, we've been working on updating those as well.

  • Hurtman1994

    Any Idea how much longer?

  • venus1937

    can anyone give an aproximate date,till grab5 is up and working?,ty

  • jackie Joyce Brown

    I tried to register and it says e-mail address already in use

  • venus1937

    i have not recieved any news as to when grab5 will be up and running,,i would really like to know whats going on,ty,venus

  • Dan

    Not yet. There will be a beta first – info for which will be posted on forums.

    Also – It's Grab 1.0 to me :)

  • Dan

    I don't see you in the system — Are you registering on?

    If you are not, try there. If you are -> email so a ticket gets created

  • Dan

    a few lunar cycles.

  • venus1937

    ty dan,i know everyone is working hard ,and i apreciate your replying,venus

  • venus1937

    i got a ticket #,what do i do with it?ty,venus

  • ixxipixxi

    A few “Lunar cycles” ago you took on a whole community/family so to speak and a very close one at that! I just hope you haven’t bitten off more than you can chew otherwise you are going to lose alot of members from the old grab who have spent much of their time there over the past few years,

    oh well I suppose if you do lose some there are plenty more to gain through facebook hey :)

    Good luck and a speedy outcome for all concerned! :D

  • Diamond

    I still am unfamilure with the process of converting my grab profile page account from old version to the new grab version.


  • When

    It’s been 2 lunar cycles. Any idea how many more?

  • iwtty75

    It’s been nearly 3 months since this update was posted. I know enough not to ask when the new grab will be ready, but some info on the progress that has been made and what’s left to do would be greatly appreciated.

  • TheBard

    where is spades and hearts on the new site

  • Champion38

    Greetings grab folk.. I am a member from Canada and have logged on to Grab everyday for several years and other members are in my family. I have enjoyed Grab pool and many believe it is the best pool game on the net. Also the social life found in room 152 of has a rich international history that many friendships rely.. Please make available this social room a soon as possible ..please post some details that may comfort those waiting to spend time with there pool buddies worldwide..

  • Freda


  • Bleueyes_50

    where is spades?

  • Tekoda

    Does anyone know when spades will available?

  • Bertie_brink

    where are our games we like,snake snacks,collapse and more,where is the chat that used to be by the games,also half the times our score don,t show up,i,m very unhappy with the new grab,i,m sorry to say,its just not fun like it used to be,venus


    u guys should get rid of this new grab cuz its confusing and hard to figure out

  • LadiL

    i don’t understand any of this – I’m trying to get to play spades under my account – help me

  • guest

    Waiting for EUCHRE to renew!!!! P L E A S E and THANK YOU

  • SkashKitsune

    1 is “a” 2 is “couple” 3-4 is “a few” 5-11 is “several” 12 is “a dozen” 13 is “a bakers dozen”

  • Anonymous

    best best




  • Angela Periera

    is euchre coming back

  • Dan

    Spades, Hearts, Euchre, Pool, and Backgammon have been posted on under the multiplayer category.

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