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Penguin Patrol… Featured App… AppStore. Game on!

Grab Games is proud to announce, today, that Penguin Patrol and its HD sibling have had such an awesome reception upon launch, it is now a featured game in the AppStore. As such we’re dropping the price temporarily to .99 cents.

Grab Games… saving the Penguins one at a time!

Penguin Patrol to Get 15+ New Levels!

Grab Games announced today that Penguin Patrol HD will receive a huge update on November 3. Chief among them? 15 new levels bringing the total levels up to over 75 (!!!) Penguin Patrol HD a universal app designed to work with all iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads, was originally released on October 13.

Saving the penguins isn’t just the goal, it’s a way of life.

Check out Penguin Patrol at and like Penguin Patrol on Facebook here:

Bad Meets Evil Just Got Badder with the New Battle System!

War has changed. Well, not really, but in Bad Meets Evil it has. Ever since its launch a few months ago, the Bad Meets Evil team has been constantly searching for ways to improve the game experience and it was decided that the focus should be placed on a battle system that, while cool to see in action, lacked interactivity.

Enter: The New Battle System.

Inspired by turn-based RPGs, the new battle system is menu based. The player has three options upon entering the battle. Attack, Lucky Attack, and Call Crew.

Clicking “Attack” a player will attack their opponent. The damage done by their attack is calculated by the weapons and clothing (used to measure defense) worn. The better the weapon, the more damage done… unless the target has a high defense due to wearing the best clothes.

Clicking “Lucky Attack” costs a skull and is tied in with the player’s Luck. The higher the luck, the higher the possibility of a Critical Hit.

“Call Crew” summons someone from your crew to attack the player’s opponent. The damage done here is based on the Crew Member’s Attack power.

Baby & Me Hits 1,000,000 Monthly Active Users!!!!

Today, Baby and Me, reached 1,000,000 monthly active users. For the last few weeks, B&M had been trending higher and higher growing at a rate of almost 200% a week for the month of August. This makes Baby and Me one of the fastest growing games on Facebook according to Inside Social’s Everyone here at Grab is beyond stoked with this accomplishment and is looking forward to keeping the momentum train rolling.

For the uninitiated, Baby and Me is the fruit of labor born of Grab’s partnership with Brooke Burke’s ModernMom — a social game made for Facebook that delivers fun gameplay and a high level of engagement for existing moms and anyone excited to care for a ‘virtual’ baby.

Players customize their mom avatar, then explore and solve challenges everywhere; from nursery, to the food aisles at the market, all while raising a healthy and happy baby.

Visit and “Like” Baby & Me on Facebook here:

App Data Ranking

Baby & Me = # 9 fastest growing game on Facebook (as of 8-28-11)


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