Happy New Year!!!

The Grab Games team wants to take a quick moment and wish everyone a Happy New Year. From everyone here, we hope that your holidays were safe and filled with a lot of good times.

Do any of you guys have New Years Resolutions? The family here at Grab does.

We’ve got some awesome things coming in 2012…. Amoebattle…. Gold Miner…. Fox Sports…. and a few other top secret things that we can’t quite share yet.

Stay tuned!

Grab Games Holiday Party

This past Friday, Grab had its annual Holiday Party. This year it was held at the soon-to-open Sadie Restaurant in Hollywood. The entire affair started at 8, and everyone at Grab came dressed to the nines. We dined, we danced and we had a blast until the wee hours of the morning.

A special thanks goes out to Patrick and Melissa over at Sadie for being amazing hosts!

Pictures to follow!

Choose Your Price!

Grab Games announced today that Penguin Patrol will see a major update today that makes it Universal AND free-to-play (with ad-support), just in time for the holidays. Grab is introducing a unique “Pay what you want” option that lets users choose their price for having ads removed from the game. Grab also announced a price drop for Penguin Patrol HD, the Universal ad-free version, which will drop the price from $1.99 to $.99.

For more information, check out www.penguinpatrol.com.

Grab Games Wine Tasting Event

Never let it be said that the Grab Family was all work and no play….  Last night at Grab Headquarters in Westwood, we had what we’re all hoping is the first of many Wine Tasting events.

Every member of the Grab Family brought a bottle of wine and we all voted (rather crudely) on which one we thought was the best. As it turns out, no one was a big fan of dessert wines.

The whole event was the brainchild of one of our awesome designers, Katrina, who clearly understands the importance of balancing work and play.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Penguin Patrol… Featured App… AppStore. Game on!

Grab Games is proud to announce, today, that Penguin Patrol and its HD sibling have had such an awesome reception upon launch, it is now a featured game in the AppStore. As such we’re dropping the price temporarily to .99 cents.

Grab Games… saving the Penguins one at a time!

Penguin Patrol to Get 15+ New Levels!

Grab Games announced today that Penguin Patrol HD will receive a huge update on November 3. Chief among them? 15 new levels bringing the total levels up to over 75 (!!!) Penguin Patrol HD a universal app designed to work with all iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads, was originally released on October 13.

Saving the penguins isn’t just the goal, it’s a way of life.

Check out Penguin Patrol at www.penguinpatrol.com and like Penguin Patrol on Facebook here: facebook.com/penguinpatrolgame

Bad Meets Evil Just Got Badder with the New Battle System!

War has changed. Well, not really, but in Bad Meets Evil it has. Ever since its launch a few months ago, the Bad Meets Evil team has been constantly searching for ways to improve the game experience and it was decided that the focus should be placed on a battle system that, while cool to see in action, lacked interactivity.

Enter: The New Battle System.

Inspired by turn-based RPGs, the new battle system is menu based. The player has three options upon entering the battle. Attack, Lucky Attack, and Call Crew.

Clicking “Attack” a player will attack their opponent. The damage done by their attack is calculated by the weapons and clothing (used to measure defense) worn. The better the weapon, the more damage done… unless the target has a high defense due to wearing the best clothes.

Clicking “Lucky Attack” costs a skull and is tied in with the player’s Luck. The higher the luck, the higher the possibility of a Critical Hit.

“Call Crew” summons someone from your crew to attack the player’s opponent. The damage done here is based on the Crew Member’s Attack power.

Baby & Me Hits 1,000,000 Monthly Active Users!!!!

Today, Baby and Me, reached 1,000,000 monthly active users. For the last few weeks, B&M had been trending higher and higher growing at a rate of almost 200% a week for the month of August. This makes Baby and Me one of the fastest growing games on Facebook according to Inside Social’s appdata.com. Everyone here at Grab is beyond stoked with this accomplishment and is looking forward to keeping the momentum train rolling.

For the uninitiated, Baby and Me is the fruit of labor born of Grab’s partnership with Brooke Burke’s ModernMom — a social game made for Facebook that delivers fun gameplay and a high level of engagement for existing moms and anyone excited to care for a ‘virtual’ baby.

Players customize their mom avatar, then explore and solve challenges everywhere; from nursery, to the food aisles at the market, all while raising a healthy and happy baby.

Visit and “Like” Baby & Me on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/babyandmegame

App Data Ranking

Baby & Me = # 9 fastest growing game on Facebook (as of 8-28-11)

Grab Is Live On Google TV

Grab Games is proud to announce that we are now live on Google TV! This is a huge milestone for us as we are now the first and only Game Developer spotlighted on Google TV—the power of Google Search smack dab into your living room.  Putting hundreds of your favorite web games from Grab.com on your TV, the team here at Grab Games is beyond excited to share what we do with the world.

To check us out by pointing your Google TV to Grab.com. We can also be found on the GoogleTV spotlight here.

Grab in GTV Spotlight

Grab on Google TV

Grab Is Hiring!!

Grab is looking for passionate, qualified professionals to join our team. We are located in the greatest city – Los Angeles, right down the street from Beverly Hills in Westwood.  Beside work, we pride ourselves on having the largest collection of console games (and yes we play them often!) Everyone here LOVES playing games and prides themselves on building the best social gaming experience in the market. Free parking, lunches, snacks and drinks. Competitive salaries and benefits.

Positions Available Immediately:

Game Developer
Actionscript 3, Javascript, PHP
In-depth Object Oriented Programming knowledge
Software Design Patterns
Algorithms, physics, math
Data Structures
Natural feeling for good game mechanics
Game dev experience required
Passion for games
Message-passing design architecture
Unix/Linux knowledge
Understanding of relational database management systems
Knowledge of non-relational databases such as MongoDB, Redis, or CouchDB
CS degree or equivalent
3+ Years experience

Network Operations
Massively scalable design/management (preferrably in Linux)
Strong Linux/Unix experience
Web Services, REST
Scripting Language
OS internals, filesystems, language design, compilers
Distributed systems architecture
Benchmarking, monitoring tools
4+ Years experience

Front End Developer
HTML, CSS, Javascript, Actionscript 3
Artistic, sense of design (UI Design)
REST, AJAX, Javascript/Actionscript Bridging
Object Oriented Programming
Knowledge of Javascript libraries, Web 2.0 style web site front-ends
Flex/Flash design patterns and microarchitectures
Cross-Browser compatibility
3+ Years experience

To apply, send resume with cover letter to elane@grab.com.


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